Premium Headshaver & Full Scalp Skincare Routine

"The Scapegear Premium Head Shaver™ took my grooming game to the next level" - Walter H

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Elevate your grooming game with the ScapeGear Head Shaver and Scalp Skincare Routine, designed for the ambitious modern man. Experience a close, invigorating shave and a rejuvenating scalp care ritual in one dynamic duo.

Replace your old shaver with the new ultra smooth look
On the go wet or dry shave
Smoothest results every day
No nicks or cuts
30 Day money back Guarantee
Ships from Cape Town or Jo'burg

Head Shaver + Full Skincare Routine Includes:

  • The ScapeGear 7D Premium Head Shaver
  • Cleanse - 2in1 Cleanser & Exfoliator - 100ml
  • Shave - Head Shaving Gel - 200ml
  • Soothe  – After Shave Head balm - 100ml
  • Protect  – Scalp Moisturiser with SPF15+ Sunscreen - 100ml.
Offer: Premium Head Shaver Set + Full Skincare Routine

Free express shipping to door

60-Day 100% money back guarantee

Guaranteed premium quality

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Premium Head Shaver SetPremium Head Shaver Set
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Full Scalp Skincare RoutineFull Scalp Skincare Routine
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Dry Shaving Skincare RoutineDry Shaving Skincare Routine
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2 in 1 Scalp Cleanser & Exfoliator2 in 1 Scalp Cleanser & Exfoliator
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After Shave Head BalmAfter Shave Head Balm
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Head Shaving GelHead Shaving Gel
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Scalp Moisturiser with SPF15Scalp Moisturiser with SPF15
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A Specialised Shaving Kit For Men.

The only shaver for men you’ll ever need to get the smoothest, fastest head shave of your life GUARANTEED.

  • The ScapeGear Premium Head Shaver
  • Hair and Beard Trimmer With 3 Combs
  • Nose & Ear Trimmer
  • Massage & Exfoliation Brush
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Cleaning Brush

To give you full control of your look and lifestyle, we’re throwing in: 

  • Wireless Charging Dock
  • Custom Travel Hardcase
  • A Plush Head-Warming Beanie

Full Scalp Skincare Routine:

Scalp Cleanser & Enzymatic Exfoliator Scrub

Head Shaving Foaming Gel

After Shave Head Balm

Scalp Moisturiser with SPF15 sun Protection

Full Scalp Skincare Routine

Cleanse, Shave, Soothe, Protect. With four easy steps, you can achieve the look you have always
wanted with our Cosmeceutical Range.


Embrace grooming in the shower using The ScapeGear Head Shaver for Men. From wet to dry, use iton the go. With an outstanding IPX6 waterproof rating, water's no match for this versatile groomingcompanion.

Beard Trimmer

Transform your grooming regimen effortlessly. Swap the shaver head for a 3-comb beard trimmer,
prepping long hair before shaving and perfecting beard styles with ultimate precision.

Wireless Charging & LED Indicator

Embrace uninterrupted power with wireless dock charging, meticulously designed for extendedbattery longevity. Swift grooming readiness is facilitated through the USB-C charging, whilemaintenance remains hassle-free, ensuring your polished appearance. Slow charging nurtures, fastcharging transforms – offering versatility in abundance. 100 Minutes of grooming, 20 shaves,prevents overcharging

Travel Friendly

Travel with ease: Activate the safety lock by holding the button for 3 seconds to prevent accidental
activation. Deactivate by holding for 3 seconds again. Hassle-free grooming on the go.

Scalp Shaving Foaming Gel

Elevate your shaving ritual with our Scalp Shaving Foaming Gel. Unlike ordinary creams, this
powerhouse harnesses natural plant-based ingredients for a smoother, irritation-free shave.
Experience optimal glide and protection for your scalp, redefining your grooming game.

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Scalp Moisturiser with SPF15 Sun Protection

Experience superior scalp care with our Scalp Moisturizer featuring SPF15 Sun Protection. Unlike
typical products, this powerhouse combines natural plant-based ingredients with sun defense.
Hydrate and shield your scalp effectively, enjoying the best of moisturizer and sunscreen in one.

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Scalp Cleanser & Enzymatic Exfoliator

Discover ultimate scalp revitalization with our 2-in-1 Scalp Cleanser and Enzymatic Exfoliator.
Cleanse away impurities while the plant based natural exfoliating enzymes gently remove dead skin
cells, promoting a healthier scalp and preparing it for the closest, most comfortable shave.

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After Shave Head Balm

Transform your post-shave routine with our After Shave Head Balm. Packed with natural plant-based
goodness and soothing Witch Hazel, it outperforms regular creams. Feel refreshed and revitalized,
ready to take on the day.

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A must have product for all bald men, a effortless shaving routine has never felt better

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Michael Thompson

Premium Headshaver & Full Scalp Skincare Routine

"Just tried the Headshaver and wow, it's a total game-changer. My scalp feels amazing, and not a single cut!"

Ethan Johnson

Premium Headshaver & Full Scalp Skincare Routine

"Honestly, this is the best my head has felt in ages. No irritation at all, and the shave is super smooth."

Sarah Martinez

Premium Headshaver & Full Scalp Skincare Routine

"Bought this for my husband, and he loves it! He's impressed with the comfortable shave and no skin irritation."

Head Shaver FAQ's

Routine FAQ's

The Best Electric Shaver For Men With Bald Heads.

Why settle for an ungroomed balding head when you can shave your head bald and rock the sexiest look of your life? Your journey towards a bolder, better appearance starts right here, right now. What are you waiting for?

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Eliminate skin irritation

Wet & Dry Shave Ready

 No nicks or cuts to your scalp

The Electric Shaver Does It All...

 Get an ultra-smooth shave with seven powerful blades that are gentle on your scalp for zero nicks and cuts.

And because it’s a waterproof shaver for men, you can shave in the shower for a smoother shaving experience – and zero mess. 

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IPX6 Waterproof

100 minutes of shaving on a single charge

Hair catching no mess system

Easy cleaning

More Than Just An Electric Shaver.

Get more than just the gear you need for a faster, easier, safer head shave. Our exclusive offer includes a head-warming beanie, grooming guidance and exclusive access to our fan club.

Free beanie

-Fleece-lined headwear

-Gentle on shaved skin

-Warm and stylish

Grooming content

-Digital shaving course

-Videos and visual guides 

-Shaving tips to your Inbox

Exclusive group

-Closed Facebook Group

-Grooming support 

-Share your journey

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