Skin cancer on the agenda. 

Skin cancer in the form of melanoma affects 1 in 5 men in South Africa. Due to this high

prevalence, ScapeGear is dedicated to creating awareness around this type of cancer and providing support for those affected. If you or a loved one have experienced hair loss as a result of cancer, we want you to know that ScapeGear is here to help you take back control of your life with headshaving gear and accessories to boost your confidence and give you a sleek new look. Join us in turning the tides against the stigma of hair loss by spreading cancer awareness because every life is worth it.

Skin cancer. What you need to know.

Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer, and according to the National Cancer

Registry (NCR), it ranks among the top 5 cancers affecting South African men. It occurs when there is unrepaired damage to skin cells (often by ultraviolet radiation) and cancerous growths form into malignant tumours. Moles or growths on the skin could be indicators of melanoma and should be assessed by a medical professional immediately.

Risk Factors:

● Light skin, hair and eyes

● Family history of skin cancer

● Early exposure to sunburn

● Exposure to sun

● Large number of moles

● Having skin that freckles or burns easily

How to Stay Safe From Melanoma:

● Avoid the sun at peak daytime hours

● Cover up with clothing and hats that block out UV rays

It’s Happening Right Here.

 With thousands of men suffering from the impacts of skin cancer, ScapeGear is determined to make a positive difference. Health-related hair loss can lead to a plunge in self-confidence and pose a unique challenge to your lifestyle and grooming habits. Our products are bringing revolutionary change to the lives of men with skin cancer. With every purchase made, we donate to CANSA for ongoing cancer research and patient support. We also promote awareness drives through our partnership with the CANSA Shavathon, Relay For Life, and CANSA Active events.

 Make An Impact With ScapeGear.

Help us further our cause, which is the awareness and prevention of skin cancer as well as the support of men with melanoma. Contribute to the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) by purchasing ScapeGear products online.

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